Universal Ground Control Station

Universal Ground Control Station

The Emperor XT can be customized for training.

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NASC (NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation), a leading supplier of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) and professional engineering services, has selected CAE as its preferred simulation and training provider for NASC’s TigerShark XP UAS.

In addition, NASC have teamed with CAE   to provide a next-generation universal ground control station (GCS) for the TigerShark XP. Together, the companies are offering a turnkey UAS solution, including the TigerShark XP air vehicle, next-generation universal GCS, and comprehensive training solution for the TigerShark XP.

The universal ground control station has been designed specifically for the TigerShark family of systems using the Emperor XT. Ergonomically designed, the GCS places the pilot in a refocused control station complete with positional multi-function displays, 24-hour rated seat, and independent environment controls. The TigerShark family of systems utilizes a high-fidelity auto piloting system allowing one person to serve as both pilot and sensor operator. The universal GCS has been designed to withstand the most challenging environments and can be operated as a stationary or transportable GCS.

The Emperor XT (GCS) provides the following capabilities:
• Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS)
• Multi-function displays tailored to customers’ operational needs
• Ergonomically designed for extended operational use
• Customizable environmental controls
• Militarized construction


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