Remote Pit Operations Station

Station de contrôle à distance

La station d'opération à distance basée sur l'Emperor XT qui deviendra l'Emperor ROS.
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MWE Lab is proud to be the solution chosen by Mosaic to bring remote operations and automation to the next level with its Emperor ROS.
Mosaic is a worldwide leader in the phosphate and potash mining industry and employs over 3000 people in five countries. Mosaic was instantly impressed by the Emperor ROS, entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec City, and was eager to integrate this solution to maximize their remote operations and automation while increasing their employees’ well-being by providing better working conditions.

Mosaic has installed many Emperor ROS units in its Florida office and is saying that the revolutionary solution from MWE Lab has transformed its business by enabling to operate, manage and control equipment in safer, more efficient and predictable ways. According to MWE Lab’s founder and president, Martin Carpentier, the Emperor fills an increasing need for companies to provide better working conditions to their employees while increasing productivity.

Remote Pit Operations

Pit operators at our Four Corners facility used to drive miles over unpaved, often times muddy terrain to work in small trailers that were very carefully moved around with draglines. This presented potential operational hazards and impacted dragline runtime as the trailers were repositioned.

Now, some of the pit operators may have a little longer drive – but they drive on paved roads and pull up to the same location at the start of every shift. Inside the new Integrated Operations Center at Mosaic FishHawk office, they work a 12-hour shift in state-of-the-art remote operations stations that can be adjusted based on their individual preferences and ergonomic needs. They also have direct access to Logistics Coordinators and others who manage the mine plan and to real-time information about dragline, beneficiation plant and pumping system performance.


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