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Pourquoi l'Emperor en tant que formation par simulation est-il efficace pour votre apprentissage ?
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Why is the Emperor as a Simulation Training Effective for your Learning?

Simulation training is a newly popular technique that many different disciplines utilize for learning and retention. Although many refer to simulation as a technology, it is a technique that replaces traditional learning styles with “immersive” experiences, that evoke or replicate characteristics of the real world in interactive and guided experiences.

Learning and training users on a live well can pose multiple risks, as minimal errors can result in catastrophic events costing billions of dollars. Therefore, simulating how to drill and operate a well through simulation training is a way to develop a users professional knowledge, skills and attitudes. Meanwhile, protecting workers and the environment from unnecessary risks. Simulation-based training is also a great avenue for learning the best ways to mitigate ethical tensions and resolve practical dilemmas under stressful circumstances.

Why Simulate With Endeavor
Endeavor’s simulators will provide a revolutionary safety training tool for oilfield service companies to deploy within their organization. Endeavor’s mission is to consolidate the industries’ recommended practices and make it universally accessible and useful. Making it easy for oilfield companies to safely train future employees is an important part of that mission. Our tools help oilfield companies’ work safer, whether they’re training new employees or teaching new procedures to experienced operators. The demand for operators far outweighs the supply and it is not uncommon in the oilfield industry to send inexperienced operators out to the job site.

On average, drilling companies allocate a contingency budget of $750,000.00 for every new driller knowing that downtime will arise from inexperience. Our tools allow inexperienced operators to gain experience virtually. Mitigating days of downtime for each new driller which results in very large cost savings for each oilfield company. Furthermore, by accelerating learning, companies will be able to deploy more crews to the work site generating more income for the company’s bottom line. These tools are how we make money, and they’re how thousands of oilfield companies do, too.

About Endeavor
Endeavor provides a complete, advanced training solution for the oi land gas industries workplace safety, incorporating an industry demand-driven approach that prioritizes safe operational oil and gas training with years of field knowledge integrated directly into the software technology. Using innovative real-time indicators, the system trains users to prevent, recognize, and resolve potentially dangerous job site scenarios, better preparing the worker for when such situations arise in the field.

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