Redefining the workspace experience: the journey of our founder.

Back in 2008, our founder, Martin Carpentier, programmed websites and worked long hours in front of a computer. Over the years, he developed carpal tunnel syndrome and back problems from using a traditional desk and chair. This spurred him to embark on a journey to redefine the workspace experience with two considerations in mind: comfort and productivity. Being a father to four young kids at the time and working from home, the idea was to get more productive so he could spend more time with his family and avoid health issues. The ideal chair needed to be comfortable and adjustable to the user’s preferences.

The original and ground breaking design

In 2009, The Emperor 200 was the first original and groundbreaking design that forged the company into what it is today: the world’s leader in the modernized workspace. The bulky wooden structure of the 200 model evolved over the years to a more minimalist steel structure with the Emperor 1510, LX, and now with the latest XT design.

15 years of passion, innovation, and ecstatic customers

Our products promote well-being, productivity, adjustability and ergonomics. MWE Lab is all about providing what gets you in the zone. Our products have been sold all across the world and we take great pride in helping our customers find the perfect workspace. Present Emperor work environment customers include individuals and companies in technology, engineering, medical, military, research, simulation, control and gaming industries. MWE Lab represents 15 years of passion, innovation, and ecstatic customers.

Management team

Martin Carpentier, Mwe Lab founder and CEO.

Martin Carpentier

President & CEO

Joanne Lamothe Finance

Joanne Lamothe


Michel Gregoire Production Manager

Michel Grégoire

Head of Production

Gilles Leblanc, Quality Control

Gilles Leblanc

Quality Control

Olivier Carpentier

Olivier Carpentier

Sales & Marketing

Our story

ePOD working environment equipped with 3x 27in monitors.

The Emperor S2

Introduction of the S2.

Customer service

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