Crane Remote Operation Station

Crane Remote Operation Station

The Emperor ROS can be your operator's specialized control and monitoring station.

The Emperor ROS as crane operation station, also known as a crane control station, is a specialized workspace designed for the operator to control and monitor the crane's functions. 

Joysticks or levers, which the operator uses to control the crane's movements, such as lifting, lowering, and slewing can be customized to the operators requirements. Foot pedals or buttons to control other functions, such as the crane's brakes or auxiliary equipment can be also added to your specifications.


The Emperor ROS offers several advantages over traditional methods, such as cab-operated cranes. One of the most significant advantages is improved safety for the operator, as they can control the crane from a safe distance, away from potential hazards.

Furthermore, the Emperor ROS can increase productivity by allowing the operator to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For example, an operator can control the crane while simultaneously monitoring the job site for safety hazards.

Crane remote operation

Overall, a well-designed crane operation station is essential for safe and efficient crane operation. It allows the operator to control and monitor the crane's functions effectively, ensuring that the crane operates within safe limits and meets the job site's requirements.

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